Curious about ROXY?

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ROXY Simulator

I worked on this project during my internship at Engie.

ROXY is a program made for controlling industrial robots. This can be done using runtimes, these runtimes are made out of little programming logic blocks which you can place together, creating commands for the robot. By using this it is super easy to move robots.

This internship was completely different of course, but i wanted to dive deeper into the world of programming and learn new ways of doing it. In this project i worked on the frontend creating a extension for the "Simulator".

The simulator is a 3D environment where a robot is placed and you can simulate its movement. This was all that the simulator had to offer. So my assignment was making an extension, the goal of that extension is to allow the user to build their own 3D environment. In this environment they would be able to recreate their own buildings, that way the user would be able to estimate how much space is needed for their robot.

Features i have made until this point:

- Controlling objects and robots with a TransformControl gizmo, being able to manipulate its position, rotation and scale.
- Being able to import any STL files.
- Edit any objects color with a easy to use color picker.
- Get more scaling assistance with the scaling popup when you import a object.
- Edit objects names
- Activate and deactivate objects.
- Delete objects.
- And many more smaller features.

I worked mainly in the frontend. Using Typescript, html angular, and css.