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Starting island
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Firing your sloop
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Arrived in the big city
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The Cathedral
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Sailable Frigate and Man 'O War'
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Sailing the Man 'O War'

This game was made as a
personal project. And it is downloadable here!

File Size: 135MB

Pirate Chasers

Made as a personal project in 2019

In this project all programming was done by me, except for the sea physics and all art. Which was purchased from the unity asset store.

In this game you play as a sea adventurer, exploring various islands and completing quests. Sail 3 different kinds of ships and embark on a quest searching for riches!

Now sadly i could never complete this project, due to the lack of time and because this project might have been too ambitious. Seeing all that i had planned. But still i was able to put something relatively fun together.

You get to sail 3 different kinds of ships: A sloop, A Frigate, and a Man 'O War. There are also about 5 unique islands to explore, which all have their own quests and enemies! There are 2 enemies that you can find on islands, skeletons and enemy pirates. Who all will try to fight you with their sword.

There are also a couple of complete quests to play, 2 which you can find on some of the islands, and one in the big city. The city exits out of a couple streets, a Cathedral, a dock and a fortress. Which all you may visit, and you can find NPC's walking around everywhere.

I Also worked a lot on sound design, which was my first time really trying. And i got some interesting results. Every island has their own ambiance and vibe. The Cathedral rings their bells at random times. And most NPC's have sounds.

Feel free to try it out! But remember that i wasn’t ever able to finish it so quests and more can stop at any time.