You can play this VR game by downloading it here!

File size: 310MB

Pirate Sea Combat

Made as a project for my internship at ByYourSite. Made in 2018.

All 3D Assets came from the Unity Asset Store and various other free 3D Websites. All Programming was done by me, except the sea physics which came from Crests Github

In this game you are a pirate chased by other ships, you must sink them before they sink you. Capture points and fight Sloops, Frigates and Man O' Wars next to a firing fortress. Everyone will try and sink you, Be sure you are the one who fires faster!

I made this game at my internship at ByYourSite, i was allowed for a short period of time to create my own project. And this is what i came up with. I had many challenges making this project, for example: Motion sickness! You can probably understand why. I managed to fix it by letting the camera rotate with the ship in only 1 axis. However, this could never really be fixed. Some people will always get seasick, and some might not. Be sure to take this in mind if you try and play!

Another one was the enemies AI. But i got that as well! And here is how: The enemy ships have 1 value for changing their direction. 1 means left, and 0 means right. So then i got the distance between the enemy and the player and checked if the player was to the right or the left. And then i simply said if the player is left set the direction value to 1. And 0 for right. This way the AI (when in range) always went directly at the player, until a certain range. Then i inverted the direction, and checked if the player was next to the ship and then told the enemy to fire.

And there were a lot more challenges! But i am happy with how it ended up, i didn’t expect much from a project that i made in 1 or 2 weeks. Especially since this one was quite ambitious.