i am still working on this game, it might be released in the future

Loss of Sanity

Made as a personal project.

In this project all programming was done by me, all art and audio was purchased from the unity asset store.

This is my third try on creating a horror game, and it the most advanced so far, there are many new interesting features like:

- When the player in a dark area he will lose "sanity".
- When the player loses enough sanity he will become more clumsy, and eventually see things that are not there.
- The player has guns available to him, but can only use them to temporary stop the enemy.

- A advanced enemy AI.
- This AI listens to sounds, if the player makes sounds he will respond, for example by sprinting near him, shooting a gun, or stumbling.
- The AI walks around the map automatically, but will chase the player when in sight, if the AI loses the player he will search around his last know location for a short while.

- A inventory system.
- Sprinting, running, idling and more player animations.
- 1 large map so far.
- Notes can be found, which can create a small storyline.
- Find many items, from batteries, to knifes and shotguns, medkits and more.
- Pick up and toss around most items in the map.