This is a augmented reality project made for the Microsoft hololens


Made as a project for my internship at ByYourSite. Made in 2019.

In this project i worked on all the programming. I also made all of the objects, the game does not really use any art.

The goal of this project was basically to get myself a bit familiar
with the Microsoft HoloLens. Which i definitely did and it was great. Sometimes a bit tricky to work with, since its weaker than almost all smartphones. So optimization was quickly an issue.

One of the most interesting things was the "Spatial mapping", spatial mapping is basically the HoloLens scanning your surroundings And then Unity places a mesh over it. So now you
can make things collide with the real world, which was awesome! It wasn’t perfect of course, but ultimately new for me and i found the experience super interesting and i learned a lot.